Proudly offering local quality since 1945

Our Mission

Stand out, as a cooperative, through the excellence of our farmers, employees and poultry, for the benefit of our communities.

Let’s work together

Choose a co-op. A cooperative focused on poultry, and nothing else, that has built unequalled expertise in Canada.

Our history

Our journey as a cooperative has constantly evolved over the years

Exceldor Cooperative was born from the union of two local poultry cooperatives. The members of the Société coopérative avicole de Saint-Damase joined forces with the members of the Coopérative avicole d’Etchemins. We have evolved into the proud and successful company we are today: Exceldor Cooperative.

Three farmers standing together
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We support our local communities

Exceldor Cooperative is proudly local

When choosing Exceldor Cooperative, you not only support local farmers, but contribute to the local economy. Our facilities are located in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. This allows Exceldor Cooperative to reduce transportation costs and provide high-quality products across Canada.

Food safety and animal welfare are among the most important initiatives at Exceldor Cooperative

Our community involvement

We are proud to be actively involved in local communities across Canada.

We actively support organizations that share our values ​​and provide support to people in need. We dedicate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in product donations to food banks across Canada to help in the fight against food insecurity.

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