Proudly offering local quality since 1945

Exceldor Cooperative is the only poultry cooperative in Canada owned by nearly 400 members dedicated to the quality of their products.

Since 1945, we have been offering first-class meat, supplied by a team of experts in the field. Expertise and quality, that’s what we guarantee.

Our Mission

Stand out, as a cooperative, through the excellence of our farmers, employees and poultry, for the benefit of our communities.

Our story

The journey of a local cooperative in constant evolution

Exceldor Cooperative was born from the union of two local poultry cooperatives. The members of the Société coopérative avicole de Saint-Damase joined forces with the members of the Coopérative avicole d’Etchemins. We have evolved into the proud and successful company we are today: Exceldor Cooperative.
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Promote local purchasing

Be proud to support a local cooperative

With Exceldor Cooperative as a partner, you do not only encourage a local company, but you also support the local economy. Our establishments are located in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba. By choosing Exceldor Cooperative, you reduce transportation costs and benefit from fresh, high-quality products.

Food safety is at the heart of our community engagement

Our Community Engagement

We are actively involved in every community where we are present.

We actively support organizations that share our values and help those in need. Each year, we donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in product to food banks across Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba to help in fighting against food insecurity in Canada.
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